How we got started:

We are a team of professionals from Bengal (INDIA). We feel passionately to promote the idea of providing exclusive products and services from Bengal that reaches you in the comforts of your home - anywhere in the world! Our goal is to provide authentic best in class products & services to our customers and contribute our bit in the welfare of the artisans involved in crafting the wonderful creations.

India’s much lauded diversity provided us the insight to launch the concept "" - an online shopping portal offering products and services of Bengal origin to one and all who has a slice of Bengal in their hearts. 

To begin with, “Bengal Sarees” - Indian Ladies’ trusted friend, would be the primary product of focus. She looks gorgeous and ravishing in the 6 metered wonder! Bengal artisans have been blessed with divine skills in bringing life on to the fabric. Some of the famous types being the SWARNACHARI, BALUCHARI, KANTHA, JAMDANI, TANT etc, all handloom sarees. It is our pledge to ensure only the best reach you and stand guarantee for each item sold on this website.

We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. We welcome and appreciate your kind feedback/suggestions that will help us to serve you better. Kindly do drop in your suggestions/feedback at 

Best Regards

Team Bengalcart

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